Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The BFLs 1st Slumber Party

The self proclaimed BFLs (Best Friends for Life) had their first sleepover at our house!  Rebecca, Harper and Charley were instant friends in kindergarten, and they were already missing each other a week after school let out.  It was obvious why they were such good friends just a few hours into the sleepover, because they played so well together!  I never heard a peep out of them, besides happy screams and squeals!  Craig was a tad worried about hosting a slumber party, but he quickly got into it and even admitted to loving having Charley's friends over!  And Carter thought Sister's sleepover was the greatest thing ever!  Pancakes for dinner, ice cream sundaes for dessert, one pulled tooth, and lots and lots of giggles made for the perfect night for these beauties!

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