Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The BFLs 1st Slumber Party

The self proclaimed BFLs (Best Friends for Life) had their first sleepover at our house!  Rebecca, Harper and Charley were instant friends in kindergarten, and they were already missing each other a week after school let out.  It was obvious why they were such good friends just a few hours into the sleepover, because they played so well together!  I never heard a peep out of them, besides happy screams and squeals!  Craig was a tad worried about hosting a slumber party, but he quickly got into it and even admitted to loving having Charley's friends over!  And Carter thought Sister's sleepover was the greatest thing ever!  Pancakes for dinner, ice cream sundaes for dessert, one pulled tooth, and lots and lots of giggles made for the perfect night for these beauties!

Carter's First Haircut

Carter is probably the most unpredictable kid ever!  I fully anticipated her first haircut to be a disaster!  I made sure to plan it on a day when Charley could get hers done first and Carter could watch.  Fortunately, that worked out in my favor!  When Charley was finished, Carter hopped up from the chair and said "my turn!"  Not drama!!!  She was such a big girl, and Miss Maryann did a great job!

Charley's Last Day of School and Program

Charley's end of year program was actually a week before school let out, and it was so cute!  The kids sang such adorable songs, and Charley never missed a word...except for a few in "The Star Spangled Banner," which is not exactly on a kindergarten level.  I got a little teary during one of the songs, because my goodness, this is happening way too fast!  Charley makes us all so proud, and I just cannot being to fathom what God has in store for her precious life!  She has learned so much this past year, made the sweetest friendships, and has constantly blown us away with her knowledge and love for learning.

Charley and Miss Moses
Charley and Rebecca
Charley and Naomi
Charley and Harper 

Charley and Hayden 

Charley and Rozlyn

Daddy had to handle Charley's last day of school photo shoot too...I giggled when he text her picture...she looked so tired!!!  Luckily she can sleep in during summer break!  Look out 1st she comes!

Mother's Day Weekend

It was such a pleasure hosting a special Mother's Day lunch for Mom and Granny Martha on the Saturday of Mother's Day Weekend, and it was the perfect time to meet and celebrate with Shelley's Mom and Aunt.  The day couldn't have been anymore perfect...well, maybe if I had enough steak knives for everyone to cut their grilled chicken!  😂 Being surrounded by so many wonderful mothers was amazing!!!

Granny Martha and Grandaddy Charlie celebrated their 67th Wedding Anniversary on the same day!
I got the best cards from Craig and the girls and enjoyed a perfect family day on Sunday.  After church, we had lunch at Burger Republic, went to the strawberry patch, sat outside in the sun, took a nap and had family movie night!  I am one thankful Momma with so many beautiful blessings in my life!!!