Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Little Hostess with the Mostess

I had a brief moment of insanity and planned two parties for the same day.  It all worked out perfectly, with a big special thanks to my little hostess, Charley.  She loved being the greeter and assistant at her Aunt Kari's baby shower!  She talked about it for days leading up to it, and she even planned out her jobs and list of things she would handle!  She helped me organize, decorate and set up for the shower, and I love that I get to pass down the tricks of Southern hospitality!

Celebrating Kari's precious baby was so much fun, and I know two little girls that cannot wait to get their hands on her!

Forty five minutes after Kari's shower, guests started arriving for Angie's Surprise 40th Birthday Party.  It was a super smooth transition, and Charley was ready to let loose and play with her friends. Carter crashed face down on the couch, and slept through most of the party!  Having a house full of people is one of my favorite things, and I hope the girls continue to love learning and helping me!  

Charley's 2nd Tooth

We had bagels for breakfast on a Saturday morning, and Charley said her tooth hurt to eat.  So we decided it was time to pull the second tooth.  This time she let me do it, and I didn't confess until afterwards that it was my first tooth to ever pull!  The Tooth Fairy came on the first night this time and left her $5!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Charley's Weekend in Texas

I had a weekend work conference in Texas, so I let Charley skip one day of school and I took her and Craig along with me.  They had the very best day together on Saturday exploring Texas.  They went indoor skydiving, saw a movie in a theatre with recliners, played two rounds of putt-putt golf, got dressed up for a dinner date and had ice cream for dessert.  On Sunday we all got to enjoy Texas by having the most delicious breakfast and shopping at American Girl.

I think Charley's favorite part about the whole trip was the Executive Lounge at the Hilton, and she wanted to eat there for every meal!  It was so funny to watch her excitement!  She was a little ticked that the hotel didn't have a pool, but it was full of historical significance, which was pretty cool.  It was the last place President Kennedy stayed and gave a speech before his motorcade drove from Fort Worth to Dallas where he was shot and killed.  I know she didn't care about that at the time, but she might find it neat later...maybe!  And my work conference went all in all, we had a super fun weekend together, besides missing Carter!

Carter 2 Years 6 Months

iPhone pictures from the last 3 months...more than I normally post, but she had too much cuteness to choose from

Cheerville End of Season Banquet

The "gang" was back together at the Cheerville banquet, and we had so much fun reuniting after a few weeks apart!!!  Charley received the Toughest Award, and I was so proud of her!  We celebrated with a fun dinner with Kinsley and Presley afterwards.