Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Swim Lessons

A summer isn't complete without a week spent at Brendan Sweetman Swim Lessons.  Not that any week is good, but I think I picked the worst one considering that our calendar was already pretty full and Craig and I both had work trips.  Thanks to semi-coordinating our work calendars and enlisting the help of Mikayla, Julie and Amma...we made it to all 5 lessons and the girls both progressed so much this year!  This week proved that it definitely takes a village, and I am so thankful for ours...it is seriously the best!

Father's Day

When the temperature was too high for Craig to go golfing on Father's Day, we all decided to spend the afternoon at the pool with the Summars...and I am SO glad we did!  We swam, played Spades, ate pizza and picked up DQ on our way home.  What a perfect day celebrating a pretty perfect Daddy!

I hated not being with my dad on Father's Day, but we celebrated him the weekend before...and I did make an unexpected trip to Kentucky on Saturday of Father's Day weekend and got to hand deliver one of Charley's best cards to date.  

Charley 7 Years 3 Months

iPhone pics over the last 3 months

Zoo Day

Carter's first trip to the zoo was SO MUCH FUN!  It's typically not my favorite place, but we ended up having a pretty perfect afternoon together!